The Santee Alley

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15, 2014! Do you know what you’re getting Dad for Father’s Day yet? The Santee Alley has a great selection of men’s casual and formal apparel, shoes, and accessories. There’s something here for everyone. Bucci is a manufacturer and importer of men’s suits, jackets, dress shirts, and casual clothing for men selling directly to the public out of their Santee Alley retail location. This is a great place to get Dad a brand new suit or a couple new dress shirts and ties for work. See more of this store here. B. Matthew is one of the oldest men’s retailers in the alley. They’ve been here since the alley’s early days and still adhere to the same brand-name-for-less policy that made us so popular. The brand name clothing here is authentic and sold at half the retail price of department stores. You’ll find t-shirts, dress shirts, jeans, jackets, coats, and blazers. See more of B. Matthew here. Digi Crown (featured here) is the premier retail and wholesale vendor of electronics in Santee Alley. The carry everything from tablets and digital cameras, to home and car audio electronics, speaker systems, gaming consoles and games, and much more. K.K. Distributors has the largest selection of brand name perfumes for men (and women) in the alley, with over 1,000 brand name perfumes including Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Lacoste. Expect to save 30-70% off department store prices. See more of K.K Distributors here. If you’re on a tight budget this Father’s Day, MK Shirts is the place for you. See more of their amazing deals here.

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The wearables industry is still hitting scorching heights with an annual growth of 25pc, with fitness trackers being the main driver behind the strong sales. However, it might not stay that way for long, as Snap’s Spectacles are now available in Europe. With more companies looking towards the wearable market, it is becoming increasingly important that these products are stylish enough to wear. On the more technical side of things, wearables have to hit the customer demand in the right place. While fitness trackers are currently doing well, smartwatches are on the downturn. From Instagram to Pinterest, there have been plenty of aspirational apps that have given the fashionistas of the world excuses to marvel over clothes and accessories. But what if we can’t instantly click and buy the outfit we are looking at? On that note, there is huge scope for software developers and designers to create and work on apps that will make shopping and styling easier. Do you want to be the next Marc Jacobs or Vera Wang? You’re not limited to fabric anymore, as fashion tech has hit the international catwalks and high-street shops. We already know that data science is one of the hottest jobs in tech right now. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the hottest jobs in fashion tech, too. So, for the data scientists among you who want to be at the forefront of fashion, you can use statistical machine learning and other quantitative methods to gain insights into consumer behaviour. As a data scientist in the fashion industry, you will be able to deliver better recommendations to consumers and, in turn, bigger margins to your organisation. One of the most challenging and costly aspects of creating fashion is the manufacturing process. However, with the advancements in technology, and 3D printing in particular, this is beginning to change.

From now on every last Friday of the month, I want to bring you a designer that you may not have heard of before. These will be smaller business that I love, trust and would recommend to build up your wardrobe, add a little something new or that you should simply know about. First up for WIT-Loves is the gorgeous Chinti and Parker. I absolutely love this brand because of it’s simple and chic capsule-wardrobe approach to fashion and it’s impeccable fabric quality. I can always trust they will have beautifully cut T-shirts, soft cashmere jumpers and all the “layerable” pieces I never tire of. Every time I go to their press day I literally want to own everything and live a Chinti life. The ethics and philosophy behind the brand is also a huge bonus for me and a very inspiring concept. This is a brand for those of you who are looking for simple separates with great quality and durability. Today I am wearing a Chinti and Parker navy cashmere round neck jumper. It is a net-a-porter exclusive and will go on sale mid November.

There are many things that we have seen coming from this particular search engine but some would say a fashion shop is a bit unexpected. As it has launched products in many areas of the online environment, the search engine magnate is testing new fields of business. The fashion industry was and still is a strong domain that will continue to develop no matter of the economical situation, the trends and so on. The fashion site will be launched this November and it will work very much like the search engine. That is, you will have the opportunity to save items, looks and brands in a personal shop. Many celebrities among which Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes have been asked to set up their personalized shops in order to encourage users to do the same thing. Because the site will feature a live data feed from its future retail partners it will look more like a high end fashion boutique rather than a simple search engine. This means that new pictures will appear constantly thus up-dating the site and making it more interesting.

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Famous designers have been contacted by search engine representatives and have already agreed to set up their personal virtual shop on the forthcoming site. Predictions incline to say that this site will attract a large number of users because it will allow them to get the celebrity look in a very few steps. Also, one will be able to share the looks and outfits that they create with other users. We can say that the idea of the site is very similar to what eBay is doing with eBay fashion. However, specialists say that the notorious search engine is far more attractive and therefore it will have a larger number of users and visitors. Fashion can be considered a very profitable business domain that will continue to remain just this even with the tormented economical state. And as fashion trends change from year to year it is safe to say at most women will want to have an up-to-date wardrobe.