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The reviews are quite unimaginable and Google analytic’s report beyond outstanding for a one year old blog. I could not have done this without you, my dearest and committed audience; so I say thank you. Osas eye blog has received multiple awards for: the fastest growing blog in Nigeria, Best New Blog in Nigeria, Best Fashion and Style blog in Nigeria, Creativity and Inspirational blog awards for other bloggers a midst other nominations. The secret is shared in Hill’s quote: I conceived and believed. For the last six months, Osas eye blog averages more than 30,000 page views per month. It attracted over 7,000 pageviews on an ASUU article that captured one of the most talked about issues in Nigeria in 2013. The blog has received numerous sponsored posts and ads placement requests. In my heart, I planned my course but the Incomparable God leads my Path. As we all leave the ashes of 2013 into an exciting new year. Osas eye would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays With Love!

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You can choose to either be a fashion designer or a fashion buyer. If you are a buyer you can set up a new store, choose where to put it, decorate it and choose which things to buy. You can shop at other stores or commission designers to make you something specific for contests. If you want to DESIGN FASHION, then you can be a fashion designer right away. Everyone has a ton of things to design with and you can buy new fabric from others or pay to become a VIP and make your own. You don’t have to be a VIP to play and have fun though. There are so many little pieces of trim and stuff to make everything unique. Plus there are costume contests and you can go shopping. You can also rate other people’s designs to make more money to use in your own designs! I love fashion. As an artist I love to play with color, texture and design and I like how fashion makes art personal and wearable in a widespread way. I enjoy playing on a site caled fashionfantasygame, which I am not affiliated with.

The goodwill outlets AKA the bins can be a little overwhelming for someone who has never been. As a reseller I go frequently and in the beginning I noticed that there were other frequent flyers and they knew exactly where to go and where to be at the right times. If you are newer look for the people with veteran skills and maybe shadow them. Take note, the bins can be a little intense, there is not always personal space it can have a kind o f ‘survival of the fittest’ feel to it on the good days. On holidays they do offer sale prices so it can get a little crazy. How the bins work is a little strange as well. When clothes don’t sell at a main-line goodwill, or they are impacted with new inventory and need to make room, they send these items to the bins. They sell clothing or ‘soft goods’ as well as all other items known as ‘hard goods’.

They rotate the bins and bring out new items almost hourly when they have enough in the back to make the rounds. When I go I dress comfortably and I opt to not wear gloves, the items tend to be dirty but I can feel when something is of good quality so I prefer to have my hands free. If there are carts available be sure to grab one and use it! One great thing about the bins is that they always have stuff. Sometimes the bins are overflowing and some days they are a little shallow, no matter what they always have items and they sell by the pound. This is great place to source for anyone first starting out or on a budget as it keeps the inventory price lower. An abundance mindset is still something you need to have here, if an item is a great brand but is all beat up and you wouldn’t wear it, it is probably safe to toss it back. The bins get new items daily, sometimes multiple times a day so be picky and only take what will make money for you. If you are unsure about an item grab it and check comps before paying or sort through it later. Time is money and you don’t want to waste too much time analyzing one item when at the end you can scan through and toss some back. If you plan on frequently using a bins as your place to source, I suggest being kind and getting to know the employees. They deal with crazy situations all day and they know the bins better than anyone else. They may let you know when a day is looking slow or where the new bins are. These tips are not just to get the best for your ebay business, they will make you a better person as well so be courteous, smile, and go make some money!

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