List Of Top Best Korean Shopping Websites

Dry sticks fashion.jpg English: A man from Buganda portraying early dress code using dry sticks Date 20 November 2015, 14:52:18 Source OwnYes Style: this is a great online fashion clothing website for both men and women where customers can see hundreds of fashionable and stylish shoes, skirts, t-shirts, jeans, dresses and accessories. Asian Fashion: The largest fashion shopping website in Korean, providing men’s, women’s clothing, brands and more. FashionHouse: A popular online fashion shopping website for design, cheap, ladies clothing. Korean Fashion Online: ladies’s fashion clothing shopping site, offering street fashion, bags, shoes, fashion & styling tips and hairs and beauty products. This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Interestingly enough, all the above websites aren’t even run by actually Koreans. I find spicy avenue to be both affordable and excellent quality. Just my 2 cents. I’m surprised they haven’t included SpicyAvenue. I personally, as a current customer of SpicyAvenue, agree with above commenter. It’s got a wide variety of products and I get discount codes every week through their newsletters. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

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5. Now make another ball and flatten out like a pancake. Make it as wide as you think you’ll want your brim. 6. Place the crown on the brim and smooth out the seam where the two match. You can add more clay if necessary. Bake the form (low heat for about 30 min). Now it’s time to make our hat. I wanted something sheer but let me tell you this. A light toned lace works best because we have to make a glue solution and that will turn shiny when dry. The glue will show up on light or dark tulle. With fabric, the clue leaves a not so nice looking residue on one side. All of this said, you can still use tulle or a sheer, but you will need to embellish them to hide the residue! 1. To stiffen the lace you need a solution of 1 part craft glue to 1 part water.

Stir until well mixed. 2. Cover your hat form with plastic.Cut out one, two (or more) circles. Dip in the glue solution and lay it over the hat form. 3. Stretch a (non-colored) rubber band around the crown of the form ad let everything dry. When dry, very carefully remove the plastic from the underside. Carefully remove the rubber bank. Trim if you need to. Embellish if you so desire. For this hat, I pinned a tuft of the soft scraps to one side. If the hat doesn’t fit perfectly, use a hat pin (worked through the hair NOT the doll’s head) to hold it in place. Note: You can make a hat pin with a small bead glued to a straight pin! Unfortunately, the glue residue shows on the underside of the black tulle hat. In order to selvage the original hat, I added a big, fluffy black lace ruffle! I cut off about 29-inches (73cm) of black lace and used a running stitch to get this very full ruffle, which is then hand stitched around the crown.

Because the underside of the brim is still going to show when the doll wears it, I painted a few dabs of black acrylic paint (which dries matte) to hide the residue. I don’t know if this works for other colors, but it does work for black! What started out as an ivory tulle hat, turned into another one embellished with lace. This hat was made with two layers of tulle. I cut away medallions of lace from a strip then hand sewed them on the underside of the brim..again in an effort to camouflage the residue. Finally, I had the notion to experiment with paper. The steps are the same, but be warned, paper is VERY fragile. The good news is, if holes appear, you can repair them by adding tiny strips of paper! Instead of using rubber bands to hold it to the crown, use twist ties or wire and be very careful when removing them! It will still be shiny on the underside, but it doesn’t detract from the look of the hat and that’s what counts. Looking for more ideas? Click here to see last year’s hats. And on that note, me and the gang would like to wish everyone a very HAPPY EASTER! All text and images property of Fashion Doll Stylist. If you’d like to show off your versions of our projects, that’s the place to go!

I’m sure my pals will have some some great ideas for me to add to my inventory! I’m thrilled to introduce our guest this month, Kelley @ Kelley Nan. Oh, and she makes it look effortless! It’s easy to access her beautiful collection of tablescape photos here! How gorgeous is this Fall Table she put together this year? I saw this very similar one, the price is CRAZY inexpensive and 5 Star Reviews! It’s great for brunch items like quiche, or ramekins of yogurt or granola. It even makes sandwiches feel a bit more gourmet. I love using a fabric table runner to add a pretty dose of color and pattern. It couldn’t be more simple, just a yard or so of fabric, with the edge ironed under. The black and white stripe fabric is an IKEA print. I spy a cake plate! I’ve had my same white dinner napkins for years, maybe 15 or more. Everything is more fun served in a cute little mason jar, right? I have 24 of the 4 oz jelly jars, and 24 of the 8 oz jelly jars. I like to do mini pies in the fall and strawberry shortcakes for summer BBQs.