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Evening dresses are a part of our society and cultures now. We just can’t do without them. Take it for a New Year’s celebrations or a prom night college function we have a perfect dressing segment for evening dresses to suit all occasions needs. Fashion Designer Clothes has transcended to a level that defines you the best way to get on with wholesale ladies fashion clothing with the help of innovative and beautiful designs for different outfits. The originality of the attire kept on the highest priority and based on the creativity Fashion Designers makes most innovative attempts to bring the immaculate blends alive and add on to the sense of the styling and attires. From designer jackets to evening gowns and even the two piece dresses there are beautiful designs available and counting. This shows how big the dressing affair has grown in the women lifestyle segments and among the styling agencies throughout the world.

Caving Underground Mining Methods (longwall, Sublevel caving, & Block caving)

Hope you all had a great weekend and didn’t had that much of a struggle to get outta bed than I did. It clearly wasn’t that easy to me since I’ve not gotten that much sleep done recently but anyways, the sun’s up and I’m happy to face a new day. For today’s look I deciced to style a look based on my new pants I was hooked up recently by Oasis. Couldn’t find the exact same pants but I did find a similar one (check the link above). Since we’ve been having quite the sun – I went for a less layered, comfy yet chic look. Can’t tell you how much I’m in love with high neck shirts lately. Have been my fav ever since. I started purchasing it in one shade which (if I remember it right) was light grey, then went to Zara again to get another pair but unfortunately only could get my hands on the black one. To add a few rebel elements to my look I went by some leather & black details. You can never go wrong with a good ‘ol leather jacket to my opinion. Since H&M went outta stock I linked yet another similar faux leather jacket above by Bonprix who only uses faux leather. Nevertheless, have I been owning those pair of shoes for quite some time but never really made advantage of it. But now that it’s getting warmer outside I’ll be defo wearing them often. Found similar one at Bonprix which is also linked above. In other news, did I turn 21 on the 14th of April and did had a blast! Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday here on the blog and on my social media.

While I have been at home hemming my jeans, some people have been thrown into the twilight zone of the Paris Couture fashion fantasies, for the Spring 2010 shows. I mean, after all, we are on opposite sides of the moon and the stars, at this moment, as I’m trying to be resourceful and others are inventing magic and looks destined for fantasies. But how can one not love all the creativity and madness. Chanel’s silver glitter is everywhere, stockings, nails, shoes and jewerly – silver highlights in the hair, the way it’s been teased into a power shape accented with flowers and bows, is so 2010 and looking forward. Dior is also on the other side of the stars. The sumptuous flowers and fabrics drapped all over the runway, with the overly elaborate taffetas, make-up, hats and clothes, are simply out of this world literally. Hmm, can’t wait for Spring, for the piles of flowers and sumptuous clothing. Photos from French Vogue, The Vine, Style Rookie and the Chanel site.

I am enjoying this posts and agree with you pretty much on everything down the line on the hair. ] so I color both my roots and highlight it SUPER blonde every 5 weeks. Going that light keeps my roots from showing in 2 or 3 weeks which otherwise it does. I started getting grey hair in my twenties, and after I had Mel at 31 it was over half grey. I took after my mom in this area. I wear a pretty modern bob which is very easy to style and do since my hair is naturally straight. ] works at a very exclusive shop in Newport and it VERY VERY good at her trade. She gives me the “family” rate which helps me afford doing so much to my hair every 5 weeks, or otherwise I might have to make other choices. Don’t know how much salons in other areas and other states charge for doing what I have done, but without her rates this would run me close to 300 dollars otherwise! Pretty crazy. But it is worth it to keep your hair looking modern in both style and color, as hair can honestly be very aging otherwise I think.

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