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It’s my first “Blog Birthday”! I can hardly believe I’ve been authoring a blog for a year now. I’d like to say a big thank you to you, all my wonderful readers! I’m so grateful for your support, encouragement, questions and comments. I was extremely intimidated to start writing and putting myself out in the blogsphere for all to see, but its been such a positive experience. When I started Fabulous Doodles I thought I would simply share new products added to my Etsy shop and the occasional fashion illustration from designers. I had no idea people would contact me for advise and that my blog would turn into sharing not only my illustrations and current projects but books, tools and tips for others to use and learn from. One year has past, 135 posts, numerous freelance projects, features, press, and Fabulous Doodles continues to grow. You can check out my first post, by clicking here, and see how I timidly started. Once again, I thank you and look forward to your comments, tweets, and facebook fan page messages in the next year.

Not just because she stood up to Anna Wintour in “The September Issue” (and was even caught on camera muttering under her breath), Grace Coddington has become a woman of interest. Long after going behind the camera rather than being in front of the lens, she is now recognized as the head pixie Stylist Extraordinaire for Vogue magazine. Grace has just published “Grace: A Memoir”, no doubt brow-beaten to do so by legions of fans and journalists clamoring for the back story. She previously wrote a book about her cats (“The Catwalk Cats”) (see I told you she was interesting), but this one is a charming, low-key (and in large type) autobiography. Bonuses: 34 pages of thumbnails of work she’s done for both British and American Vogue and a smattering of her charming illustrations. Grace, 71 and a former model, has Pre-Raphaelite red hair that looks as if it were styled via electric light socket. She wears mostly shapeless black things, no discernible makeup and sensible shoes. Does this make sense for a woman so connected to channeling Fashion for the rest of us? Yes, because this lets me think Grace has come up with a formula for herself that lets her imagination run wild in her work. She’s not shopping or agonizing over her closet, and we are the beneficiaries. None of it would work if Grace did not hold the bag of fairy dust. Sometimes you remember the set-ups more than the clothes, but most of us are not shopping from the pages of Vogue per se anyways. We take away the spirit, and her art inspires us to become our own masterpieces.

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Looking for inspiration for your next dolly creations? My Dolls’ Eye View Fashion Reports were designed with that in mind. Here’s what to look for in these reports. Every season, I carefully scrutinize nearly all the catwalk shows in each of the four major fashion capitals. Not only do I bring you a snapshot of actual fashions to come, but it’s also a suggestion of current styles I feel could be easily reinterpreted into 1/6 doll fashion. The heads from my Barbies, Kens and Fashion Royalty collection replace those of the professional runway models in an effort to help you visualize how your doll might look in the outfit. Next I select a few garments and bring them to life by making them for my dolls. This is to give you an idea as to how the full scale style might translate into a much smaller version. Women’s RTW Paris Pt. Women’s RTW Paris Pt. Women’s RTW Paris Pt. Women’s RTW Paris Pt. New York Womenswear: Pt. When interpreting these dresses for my dolls, I look again, for styles that might work for the proportion of the doll. In a few cases, I take the liberty to “tweak” the design or add “better” accessories. It’s all in the name of fun! In school, we called museum visits research. In dollyland, this is another excuse to go hunting for ideas for more dolly dresses!

Unique closet design ideas will definitely help you utilize your closet space appropriately. An ideal closet design is probably the only avenue towards good storage space. On the other hand, if you want your closet to be more than just storage for your clothing and other items, there are several design technicalities you will need to understand. Here are a few of closet design ideas that will help you come up with a unique closet. The first and probably the most common thing is that you closet design mirrors fixed on your closet. These mirrors may be fixed on both or either doors. It follows therefore that the placement of the closet becomes essential because you definitely need some space in front of the closet for dressing as well as for looking in from the distance. Another way you can make your closet unique is by adding an iron board to the closet.