Best Fashion Designing Colleges In Chennai

• by providing quality education with global outlook. • by bridging the gap between industry and institution. To build and nurture a new generation of professionals and designers who can spearhead as leaders in the future by helping the Indian Fashion and Apparel Industry achieve and sustain global leadership. To promulgate global standards of education in the field of fashion and apparel management. • To provide good quality Fashion Education. • To develop the student ability to apply multidisciplinary concepts, tools and techniques to solve organizational problems. • To provide a sound foundation in design and fashion with a strong industry orientation and the students are trained with the latest trend information of colour, fabric and styles suitable to the global market and competition. • Students get to train on machine and the methodology of today’s advanced technology. • Participation in seminars and conferences related to the industry to upgrade the student’s knowledge. • In-house training on projects to gain further exposure and expertise. • Providing skilled manpower in collaboration with industry people. • To promote a MFT style of artistic presentation.

Cameron Diaz Still Looking Hot At Age 40

Yet as an isolated specimen in a shrub grouping it can be superb. Another reason for plants becoming unpopular is that many gardeners, particularly home amateur ones, are unaware of some simple actions that if not undertaken, mean that the plant becomes ugly and unsightly. Take the Ice plant (Lampranthus roseus) for instance. As a low growing ground cover, its spring flower display is not only spectacular, but in my view is virtually unique in the gardening world. Yet the plant tends to look ragged and untidy for large parts of the year, unless the simple expedient of clipping back the plant, BEFOREall the flowers have withered, is carried out. Finally, some plants simply go out of fashion. This is the most unnecessary and dare I say, most stupid reason of all. Fashion is the killer of good planting schemes. The great gardens of the world are generally immune to it, as are top garden designers. I first became aware of this when visiting the magnificent Waddesdon Manor in England some years ago. There, growing proudly in a conservatory to protect it from the cold was the most despised garden plant in my country – Plumgago auriculata. Another example is the Natal plum (Carissa macrocarpa), arguably one of the most beautiful and suitable bushes for a dry climate. Fortunately, there were just enough designers in Israel demanding it, to prevent it disappearing altogether. I’m pleased to say it has started to become fashionable again!

There are all types of retro clothing styles. Retro fashion is vintage, outdated, aged clothes of the past that are back in style and can be worn again in this day and age. The retro era commonly exists of the 50’s through 80’s and details all the bits and pieces of those decades. Bohemian chic for example or funky disco attire. Retro fashion is a way of spanning time and retrieving unique pieces that express your own personal self and looking good of course. 1. Hippie – The hippie flower power, peace loving fashion is a slightly retro way of dressing. Try a leather vets with the fringe and some tunics. Tweed and corduroy trouser suits are also a great 60’s inspired retro look. 2. Bohemian – Similar to a hippie fashion, retro-bohemian clothing is very comfy and freeing. Try some black jeans, suit jackets, scarves, baggy sweaters and lots of layering.

When in doubt, just throw on a lot of clothes and call it retro bohemian. 3. Disco – When you think of disco think psychedelic patterns dude. Leisure suits with bell bottoms, big collars and patterns that don’t seem to match, yet some how make an outfit. Lots of polyester, corduroy, tweed, beads and funky colors. 4. Rock – By wearing rock band t-shirts you can never go wrong. Any band will do, but some vintage bands like The Who are better. 5. ’40s and ’50s – The “zoot suit” with it’s big shoulders, baggy leg and tapered ankle, made it big during this time and is a great retro look, but only for the right occasion. Try more of the Hawaiian collar shirts with lots of color and flowers or letterman jackets for any occasion. For more inspiration dressing ’40s and ’50s retro, look to the film stars of this time.